Who We Are

We are a Christian organization working in colleges and Universities of Ottawa Canada, offering friendship to International students of all nationalities.

What We Do

We offer a variety of programs where you can choose to participate in one or various of these programs.

1.   Learn about the Bible

You can join a group on campus to learn about the Bible. This will be a group of those who are seekers or simply curious about the content and message of the Bible. It will consist of reading stories in the Bible, and discussing its historical significance and message. This class will also be an English conversation class using the Bible as a text for reading comprehension, for pronunciation correction, vocabulary building, and discussion of the text. The times and places for the meetings will be announced weekly at Ottawa U. Please contact fawottawa@gmail.com or text the cell number 613 292 0497 The schedules change with each semester and the place of meeting can be started or cancelled according to the people who are interested and when they come to Canada, or when they leave. If you are interested please text 613 292 0497 and a class can be started to accommodate your schedule

2.   Social Events

We offer 10 social cultural activities where you can learn about our "Canadian culture" and experience activities that we as Canadians do for fun and recreation, and make new friends. The schedule and the details for the Social Cultural activities can be found on Social Events page.

3.   English Conversation

We are unable to continue to offer English conversation classes alone. We now combine it with using the Bible as a text for English reading, vocabulary building, discussion, and pronunciation correction.

4.   Bible Topics

Various topics on the Bible, teaching from the Bible, and answers to questions that are frequently made by students, are on the Bible Topics Page.

For more information, contact Bev at this email address fawottawa@gmail.com. To sign up for these programs, please contact Bev at this email address fawottawa@gmail.com.